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Bitch Bitch Bitch...
You're A Long Way From Home...
I would like to thank molly__margay
She made me realize just how much of my life I put into livejournal, & now that I realize it, I can change it for the better.

As for this journal, it was part of my life. Now this part of my life is over. This journal is closed.

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fuck everyone
Hahaha, Starvixen posted a comment in one of my other entries saying that 4 people who are still on my list are her little boot-licking lackeys

Wow, she must feel special... especially since I'm hardly saying anything about her, & I'm also posting most of my stuff publicly now... wow, I bet she feels soooooo special
Not Now Honey, My Penis Hurts
Now Starvixen is posting to other comments in my LJ (although it's screened since I have all comments from people not on my friends list screened) saying that there's still 4 people on my list that'll report what I say about her & other artists.
What a loser
I don't give a shit about her art style or anything, I just think I've seen stick figures with better proportion than the bodies she churns out
Not Now Honey, My Penis Hurts
When the fuck is that bitch going to just leave me alone?
She has the nerve to comment on an entry (although anyone who's not a friend is screened) & tells me that 4 people are still on my list & they're going to continue to report what I say about her & about other artist

Sorry, but I respect other artists... maybe the reason for that is because they can actually draw!
Not Now Honey, My Penis Hurts
Fuck it all
At one point, when I first got my livejournal, I tried to get as many friends on my list as I possibly could. I don't know why, as I've never really strived to be popular in real life, nor have I ever cared if I had friends. But here, I wanted friends.

In my haste to make as many friends as I could, I've friended some people who are obviously not truly friends. So, now that I've realized this, I'm going to be cleaning out my livejournal list

How, you may ask, am I deciding who stays & who goes? Simple: I look at the name, & I think of 1 sentance about that person. If I can't think of anything better than "I don't really know this person" or "Really nice person, unfortunatly, don't know much else" , then you're gone. Sorry, please don't take it personal, I just want to keep friends & friends only (I'm going to stop posting so much stuff friends only, so if you want to keep me on your list, feel free

If you're kept, & you want to know what I think about youCollapse )
Of course, if there's anyone on my friends list who wants me to take them off because they don't trust me anymore, or whatever reason (I'm not going to ask), just let me know & I'll remove you

& if you think you were removed wrongly, or you want to be on my list so I can get to know you better, let me know.

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23 Lonely Nights or Not Now Honey, My Penis Hurts
Okay, I'm not even going to bother posting the rest of the story, but this is just getting ridiculous.
I'm getting blamed for something that someone named speakingmymind is doing, which was posting in LoupGarou's journal

Yeah, whatever

But apparently the only way to stop a leak is to stem off all the possible ties, so I'm sorry, but my friends list will be going down. Nothing personal, I just don't trust ANYONE right about now.

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I figured I'd make a post of my favourite links. In case you're wondering why, it's so I can transfer them easily to other computers :D
Yay me! hehehe, also 'cuz I've got some pretty cool links (for random weirdness, check out the Institute Of Official Cheer!)

Name Information
ICQ Skins
Free Craft Projects
Game Hints & Walkthrus
Sacred Sites
MLP Customizing
Kitty! Cuteness!!!
Loving You
Color Codes
LILEKS The institute of official cheer (a GREAT page!!!)
MLP Page
Movie Mistakes
Drawing Tutorials
Spirit Online
Sabrina Online
Online Manga
Current Moon Phase
Simpsons Page
Tigress Crafts MSN Group
Snopes (Rumors)
Weird stuff in New Jersey (a good read if you like ghosts & haunted thingies)
Sacred Spiral (Wiccan Crafts
My VCL Archive
Ghost Towns In Ontario
More Ghost Towns in Ontario

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Not Now Honey, My Penis Hurts
Chapters called me today... I've got a job interview Wednesday at 1:30 :D

In other news, my window clingy worked out well, but I have no white or clear, so I may have to go buy the expensive big tubes just to get clear... I don't want to leave it empty 'cuz it feels too fragile

I hope I hear back from the Travel & Tourism program... but Chapters wouldn't be a bad job either *drools over prospect of getting a discount on books*

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5 Lonely Nights or Not Now Honey, My Penis Hurts
Thanks Holly, I found my book!
it's The Fun House by Lynda Berry :D Now if I could just find a copy I can afford that ships to canada... *murr*

I bought some Crayola Window stuff yesterday... it's stuff you draw with, & you can stick it on the window after it dries... little window clings :D
I've made 2 already, I'm just waiting for them to dry

Wednesday I'm going to scan a buncha shit & update my webpage I think.. I've been falling behind

I should be getting pencil crayons & markers back soon... They've recieved them & they're getting together products to send back to me. Phew... I feel so lost without them :P Although I painted last night :D

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Not Now Honey, My Penis Hurts
Does anyone know of a good way to find a book that isn't listed in Chapters, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble? If I can buy it, it'd be great, but I just want to find it so I know I'm not going insane

It's called the Funhouse. It's a small but long book (kinda like those small garfield books), & it's got a bunch of cartoons in it. I know nothing about it, aside from the bits & pieces I can remember. It's in black & white, the drawings are HORRIBLE, there's no point to the stories, but it's still good. Does ANYONE know where I could search to find it? It's not on e-bay either

& now for something that chaps my ass... I lost my Creed CD, so I burned myself a new one. I downloaded all the songs off of Kazaa, & burned them without checking them... man, I feel like an idiot. Some dipshit put that "are you ready" was sung by creed, but it's NOT CREED'S VERSION

Crap, that pisses me off... 'cuz I can't just re-write this CD, it's stuck this way now :P People like that should be dragged into the street & drooled on :P

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1 Lonely Night or Not Now Honey, My Penis Hurts
Well, I'm getting part of what I wanted to get done today actually done

Here's my list of stuff that I WANTED to do:
Finish pointalism & get prints made
Fax stuff off for a job
Download all tracks off Creed CD & Amanda Marshall CD since I can't find one, & the other is wrecked
Download some songs to make a new CD
Work on Cateagle's commission
Mail stuff out
Scan stuff
have a bath

Here's what I'm doing:
All the downloads
Have a bath
Maybe a bit of pointalism, but not much

Why, you may ask? I'll tell you why. Rob's had a potassium attack. He can't move basically... his body doesn't produce enough potassium, it's actually a really rare thing, & when his potassium gets too low, he can't do anything.
So I'm being his nurse today. We have no idea how long this'll last... it could be anywhere from 12 hours to a week... I'm hoping to get back to normal next week, & since I didn't really have a full-art day all week, I'm going to try to get 2 in next week.

I feel so bad, I don't normally take this long with commissions... stupid everything *grimace* & I'm almost out of money, so I can't ship anything off 'til next Wednesday... *sigh* I went to a job program/interview thing yesterday, so hopefully that'll pan out... I'll know in about a week. It's for careers in tourism :D

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Not Now Honey, My Penis Hurts
I can't believe it... THEY RUINED SUIKODEN!!!!
*cries* I heard from Ang's LJ that there was a Suikoden 3... which I've been looking forward to since I played Suikoden 2... so I did some research, & I can't believe they ruined it! I HATE those stupid graphics! I'm so upset I could just cry... I swear there's never going to be another game that I'm going to want to play, just because of all the crappy 3-D graphics

I'm going to go work on my runes... Rob cut me a bunch of wood pieces, & I'm filing them down by hand :D It's a long, tedious job, but at least they're gonna be personalized... I can't believe how disappointed I am about the game... *sighs*

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3 Lonely Nights or Not Now Honey, My Penis Hurts
Jeep Wrangler commercial: They have the song Original by Sheryl Crow playing in the background. You hear "You're an original baby, like we've never seen before. You're an original baby..." before it starts trailing off... the missing lyric? "Look around & you're looking at a hundred more"
So they're trying to prove that Jeep Wranglers are original, yet the whole song just shows how useless it is to be original, because nothing's really original anymore

Local Radio Station - Mix 97: They blurt out half the word Cocaine to make it "Coke & whisky" in the Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow song, but then they have a commercial for a wet t-shirt contest at the local strip-club during the hour when they're playing all the stuff 12-year-olds listen to.

Local Radio Station - OJ 95.5: They blurt out "Cocaine" in the Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow song, but they play Riverboat Fantasy & don't blurt out ANYTHING in that song

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Not Now Honey, My Penis Hurts
So I stripped down my tarot deck to just the major arcana, & this is what I got

On My Mind:
Legal Action, Contracts, Settlement, Litigation, Divorce, Redress, Judgement, Arbitration & agreement, Treaties,
Marriage sometimes
What I make of it: Not too sure, this one confused me a bit.

Will, Mastery, skill & oratory, Initiative & a willingness to take risks. An ability to perceive & utilize one’s own
potential. Organizational & communicatory skills.
What I make of it: Lately I haven’t really been feeling the same love for art, I’m over critical of everything
I do, & end up trashing most of the pictures I draw because they’re not good enough

Good counsel, advice, & teaching, a seeker after knowledge & wisdom. A preference for the orthodox & a need to
conform, to be socially acceptable. Strict adherence to religion, sometimes. Marriage
What I make of it: In the recent past (like about 2 weeks ago), I was looking at a college calendar, trying to
find something that interested me, so I could go back to school like my mother wants me to.

Tower (Reversed)
Unexpected & drastic change in circumstances. Circumstances which rob the individual of freedom of expression.
Bankruptcy or imprisonment sometimes, but more usually the ‘imprisonment’ of the individual in a set of
circumstances that she cannot, for the moment, alter.
What I make of it: Rob & I have been trying to move out on our own, but have been held back by lack of
funds. So I’m stuck here, in this house.

Immediate Future:
Death (Reversed)
Refusal to face or fear of change. Inertia, Stagnation, Forcible removal of something that should have been
released voluntarily
What I make of it: I don’t know

Far Future:
Wheel Of Fortune
Change of fortune, the beginning of a new cycle. Progress, advancement, improvement, the card of good fortune &
karmic change
What I make of it:I can only hope...

Sees Self:
Prudence, planning, forethought, foresight, counsel sought & taken, a warning against precipitous action or
thought. An indication that there is a need to retire or disassociate oneself from activity in order to think &
evaluate circumstances.
What I make of it: I’ve been planning on finishing up all my commissions & art trades & taking some time
away from drawing for others

Sees House:
Govermental & corporate identities. Temporal power. Authority, leadership, will power, self-control aquired
through experience, powerful individuals or entities
What I make of it: Yeah, that sounds like the way I see my mother... & it takes a LOT of self-control to not
tell her that

Hopes & Fears:
ChariotSelf-control, self-confidence, mastery of external factors, will-power, triumph over life’s obstacles.
Success as a result of effort & not fortune. The careful building up of a successful existence within the bounds set
by the conditions of life
What I make of it: Well, I have started trying to plan for the future with Rob, & a lot of these things have
come up. I am kind of afraid of what life’s going to throw at me

Moon (reversed)
Deception, Illusion, an inability to deal well with reality & a consequent escape into daydreams. An inability to
distinguish the truth from illusion sometimes. An inability to tell the truth, often
What I make of it: Don’t know, but it doesn’t look good

I think I'll wait a month or so & try again.

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2 Lonely Nights or Not Now Honey, My Penis Hurts
Well, enuf of bad stuff, here's more crap going down
Apparently Rob gets tomorrow off 'cuz they don't have enuf calls to warrent the number of staff.. so he's going to go to his grandfather's & cut me some wood to make Runes with
I'm not getting much of an art day, as he has tomorrow off & is going to be here around 12 or so... so all the time I have to draw is tonight, & I don't much feel like anything... I want to color, but I had to send my pencil crayons back to get new ones... *shrugs*
I could sketch, but I'm done almost all the sketching I need to do... I suppose I could start creating Tarot cards

That reminds me, does ANYONE have any ideas for my tarot deck? If you've seen pictures that you think would make a good tarot card, please let me know... I want ideas!!!

That's about all. life is back to normal again, thank gawd.

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Not Now Honey, My Penis Hurts
Wow, I've started quite a hubbub in dot_cattiness
I find it rather amusing that all these people, who probably believe in freedom of speech, only believe in it if your opinion is the same as theirs

I posted pretty much the same thing I posted here, about the anti-war protestors. I don't claim to know all the answers, but I DO Know that when Bush started the war, he said it had to do with Osama.
Now, I live in Canada, & I really don't care to follow the war... but I'm getting blasted because apparently it has nothing to do with Osama... Well, whatever the fuck it has to do with, people have opinions, & if you can't live with that fact, do everyone a favour & kill yourself.
I have the right to my opinion, & although it may be wrong to you, or it may be uninformed, it's still mine, & I still have the right to voice it. Just as you have the right to voice yours. But I do NOT believe that the right to belittle someone or verbally abuse them comes into play ANYWHERE in that right.

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12 Lonely Nights or Not Now Honey, My Penis Hurts
Tomorrow Shall be an art day. I'm going to work on Cateagle's commission, Kategod's dragon picture, a bookmark for someone, a livejournal icon for Imago_rabbit, Fanart for Ladyneko, & whatever else I need to finish
I bought a book from Chapters yesterday, & it's going to help me design my own deck of Tarot Cards! W00T! :D So after all my art stuff is completed, I'm going to take a break & do this for myself... also work on a big picture with about 7 characters in it... but at any rate, I'm just going to draw for myself for a while

I'm also going to have some clearance auctions on Furbid soon... I just filled another sketchbook

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2 Lonely Nights or Not Now Honey, My Penis Hurts
Well, I spent one night this weekend at Rob's house. I downloaded PSP7 on his computer & created a few more LJ icons... but I forgot the disc at his house

Rob's got a ladybug in his room... he's named it Momar... anyways, we were laying on the bed talking, & I looked up, & Momar had pooped on the ceiling! *Laughs* I thought it was the funniest thing, I couldn't stop laughing! :D

Then, the next day we went for a drive, & Rob had 2 flies on the hood of his car, having sex. We were going 100 km/h & they were still hanging on :P Eventually they flew off when we slowed down

I had a dream last night... I drempt I got a package from someone whose name I didn't recognize, & when I opened it, there were 3 pictures along with other stuff, & the pictures were one of a guy's face, one of the same guy naked, & then a woman naked. I figured out that they were pictures of Dion by identifying his tattoo's... that's all I remember, but I'm disturbed enuf by that :P

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Not Now Honey, My Penis Hurts
A - Age: Newly 22
B - Best Quality: How nice I can be to people I love
C - Choice of Meat: Steak. Or Pig
D - Dream Date: Watching sun set over an ocean in California with a picnic lunch
E - Exit: Art
F - Favorite Food: Momos (they're a Tibetian food)
G - Greatest Accomplishment: My art... not that it's fully accomplished yet, but I never thought I'd be in this sort of situation... I just woke up, so if this doesn't make sense, don't mind me. Basically I never thought anyone would ever want to buy my art
H - Happiest Day of Your Life: Well, it's not just a day, but it started with the day I met Rob :D
I - Internal Conflicts: Fear, self-loathing, & insecurities
J - Jail Time: It's only illegal if you get caught ;D
K - Kool-Aid: do they have watermelon? if not, probably Blue. Blue's an awesome color for a drink
L - Love: Rob, my kitties, art, grandparents, parents
M - Most Valued Thing I Own: A mirror that Dion made for me... only because it's got my artwork etched into it
N - Name: Melanie~Rose
O - Outfit You Love: Pink fuzzy leopard print boustier, white flare jeans, & my knee-high lace up bitch boots. Of course, if I had to pick clothes that actually fit me, I've got a beautiful teal dress that I love... & bitch boots :D
P - Pizza Toppings: Pepperoni, ham, sausage, & ground beef
Q - Question You Want To Ask: What's your honest opinion of me?
R - Road Trip: I wish my whole life was a road trip... I could draw in the car, I don't care! I love road trips so much... if I was a millionaire, that's what I'd do... buy a Mustang convertable & drive forever :D Maybe stop for a month of 3 somewhere & rent out a house, get my mail & whatnot, then take off again
S - Sport To Watch: does sex count?
T - Television Show: Simpsons
U - Unique Habit: I can vibrate my eyes & bend my pinky finger back to touch the back of my hand (very gross, but a great conversation starter!)
V - Voice: Loud & obnoxious when it needs to be :D
W - Winter: Enough already! I like a little bit of winter
X - X?: X-rated?
Y - Your Name If You'd Been Born The Opposite Sex: Michael Van. Thank god I'm female!!!
Z - Zodiac Sign: Pisces. & a typical one at that

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4 Lonely Nights or Not Now Honey, My Penis Hurts